Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When selfishness pays!


The other day was 45 cent day for miscellaneous items at my friendly thrift store here in Tulsa Oklahoma so I decided to stop by to see what they had.

I found some awesome stuff…but none of it on sale for 45 cents! You see, they tag every item when it comes in, everything has a color and a price. And when they have a sale like this they always have 2 of the 5 tag colors that aren’t for sell. And lucky me I kept finding everything that was one of the 2 non-45 cent tags! Grrr…

I did find this game in a metal box for 45 cents.


I looked it up when I got home and it is worth a whole…get this… 1 penny. Yea, it doesn’t sell too well…bummer, cuz everything else I got was to keep. But hey, I’m sure I can do something with the metal box if I paint it!


I got this 1 liter cravat to keep. I’ve taken to putting my milk in one of these after I buy it because it takes up less room in my fridge, but I needed 2 of them! My fridge has more space for long skinny things then tall fat ones! And I do it cuz I’m a bit odd…if you haven’t figured that out by now!

I also debated and finally bought a bag. Bags can be full of junk or awesomeness. ‘Specially if you can get them for 45 cents!

Unfortunately and fortunately this one was full of cups and bottles. I don’t need any bottles. But I saw two of these cups that were still in their wrapper and two that looked new but not in their wrapper and one non-straw one.


So I thought, “hmmmm, what if I bought this and sold the two new sippy cups for the price of the bag?”

So I got it and after cleaning them my kids LOVE the two cups that weren’t in wrapper! I put the other ones on ebay for $3.95, which is what I paid for the lot.

Unfortunately they didn’t sell, though I did get an email from Europe about them! My kids loved the ones they used so much I sort of wanted to keep them so I was happy with no bids! DON’T PUT THINGS ON LINE THAT YOU MIGHT REGRET SELLING. Rule #1 of reselling. LOL!

I also put this lot, from the bag, on eBay for $3.95. It got a bid with 20 hrs left to go! Yay! Made money, Recycled what wouldn’t sell, and got to keep 4 cups. Whoop!


Also in the bag was a couple of parent choice bottles. I walked in on this today!


Yes, we do have clothing for those baby doll, it apparently is just more fun to take the clothing off than put it back on!

Yay! Made my money back, Recycled what wouldn’t sell, and got to keep 4 cups. Whoop!

Oh, and our church has a deal with a guy who turns plastic recycled things into  benches and is willing to do some for the woods behind our church if we provide plastic. Yay! Look at me! Suddenly a plastic recycler!

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