Friday, August 5, 2011

99 cent swimsuit makeover


IMG_0666See these swim suits?

I remember purchasing a Lands End swim suit when I was a teen. I think I paid AT LEAST over $40 for it.

The printed one is a Target brand. I got it for 99 cents on sell day at my thrift store.

The brown one came with bottoms and was also 99 cents. It turned out to be Banana Republic! Score!

The problem is that the neck line is a touch to low for my liking on the brown suit. So I was going to run to the thrift store and get another suit I could cut up. But realizing that on that day it would cost me a couple of bucks for a suit, at the minimum, I took a 2nd look at the floral suit.


IMG_0667 Yep. I cut it up. I thought I might regret it but it was only 99 cents. And right now my just-had-a-baby body doesn’t fit anything quite right so I’m not even sure how well this fit me!

IMG_0668I cut the back completely off. I used the top part of the back so I wouldn’t have to hem anything.

I eyeballed it then pinned it in.


I didn’t cut the material until I sewed it just so if it didn’t work out I’d have extra material to fix it. IMG_0671 

Yes, I sewed it by hand. The sewing machine I had is out of whack and I just plain don’t have room for another sewing machine in my house!



IMG_0680I tried on the almost finished project and used my imagination on how it would  fit next summer when I’m almost done nursing.

The inside was a little rough but since this is just for me I don’t mind! IMG_0683

It turned out pretty well I think!IMG_0989

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