Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrift store purchases…mainly for me =)


Well, today was a thrift store day, but sadly the clothing wasn’t on sale so I started to look at the other items.


Like these bags of stuff…and I mean stuff. Most of these pictured were on sale for 99 cents a bag.

A great deal if something of value is in them!


Any one know what these tracks go to?

I did find this barely used candle that had a $14.99 tag on it for 99 cents. I used to think that buying candles pre-burnt was gross.

IIMG_1197  IMG_1199

But now I’m not sure why I thought that. I mean, you aren’t going to take it home and lick it! You are going to light it on fire…not much more you can do to sanitize something!IMG_1200 

That said, some candles are still pretty gross and dusty. ‘Nough said.

This head protector and encasement is very similar to one I was looking at for my newborn. I had given up on buying one because the one I found on Craigslist was $5 with at least a $5 drive and a lady who didn’t really want to make it easy to meet. No thank you!

This one isn’t kiddopotumas like what I was looking at but it is almost the same. (there was a kiddopotumas one there but it was pink…and I had a boy!)


It came in 2 parts and though I don’t need the bottom part I got it so the whole thing was $2.


A book for my son. Any one else read these growing up? It was only $1! Starting to collect!




Now for these shoes I paid the marked down (but not sale price) of $3.98. Since White House/Black Market is a limited, albeit popular store, people on eBay look for their product. I posted these for $9.99 and might have to hold them for next summer if they don’t sell. Winter is coming and these aren’t quite winter shoes!


Back to buying stuff for us! This was for my super all-about-States son. It was taped and so I just hoped it had all the pieces. Lucky me! It did! All of 99 cents and we’ve already got that much enjoyment out of it! Whoop!




So I went for it. Invested in one of the bags. What for, you ask?


Well, after I pulled it all out I wasn’t sure myself. Do you see junk? I see junk. But not junk like I am trying to purge my house of…more like I’m-cleaning-out-an-old-person’s-garage type of junk! This is more like the junk I never WANT to pile up in my house!

Well, I purchased this for the black water bottle on the right. It is similar to the way the Camelbak makes their bottles and I’ve been wanting one of those but not about to pay $20 for one!


I also ended up keeping the two matching orange bottles so I can freeze them and send them to work with the hubby.

I loved the water bottle! It is missing the straw and already is dented a bit but it works great as long as you tilt it. (I can do that) And holds enough that I get something even after the kids drink out of “mommy’s really cool cup!”

Oh, and when it is closed it is spill proof. Also very important!

IMG_1212 IMG_1213

And guess what?


It is worth over $20 new. Go figure…

Glad the grab bag worked out for me. This is only the 2nd time I’ve done it!

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