Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Homework

Now this might be obvious to other people who do this but it just hit me that when I’m reading blogs about other thrift-ers that is my “homework” so to speak.

I learn lots of things. Like a few weeks ago I read that Jean Capri's sell well, even Lee and other regular brands. So when I had a few extra minutes at the thrift store I looked for Jean Capri's. I found some. Not only were they Jean Capri's but they were Chico. A brand that I read on another blog sells really, really well.


I used the free picture that was a special a few weeks ago and posted 4 pictures of these Jeans. After 6 bids that took the price from $12 to $20.50 it finally sold. I’m glad I didn’t put a buy it now price on these because I doubt I would have made as much money on them!

So now when I look through blogs of other thrift-ers I won’t look at is as slacking off, but as an enjoyable relaxing way to do my homework!!

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  1. I do the same thing! What are some of your favorite thrifter blogs? I love finding new ones! :)