Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Selling Tips

While at the thrift store on 99 cent day Tuesday I was thinking of tips I would share if someone were with me. Here are a few to remember.

  1. Start with your closet. See if you have any name brands that sell well that you aren’t wearing. This way your spending is low or nothing and your profit can be 100%, Then head out to the sales with that cash!
  2. Buy only name brands you know will sell. I make sure I don’t buy more than 1 “High Risk” item per shopping trip. Below is my risky item for this week. It was a brand “Speechless” that I hadn’t heard of but a cute skirt. We will see if it sells!



  • Don’t sell petites. They just don’t always sell well. Do I still buy them? Yes, but they are never a “For Sure” so I can’t recommend them.
  • Remember times change. Right now Maternity dresses are the big “IN” for me. I get them for next to nothing and sell them consistently for $20 plus shipping. It is easy money but I betcha that will change when the weather changes!
  •  Be careful when pre-buying clothes for another season. Stay with the tried and true. Don’t buy season items that are fashion statements or abnormal material (silk, corduroy, etc…). This summer bright colored capris were in, but I wouldn’t buy tons of that for next summer just because you never know! Now if it is a bright colored capri and a very good brand name, well, you can’t always go wrong.
  • Know that even if it is a fabulous brand name, companies make mistakes. Go with your gut. Some times an article of clothing is just ugly. That is why they are trying to sell it to you. Don’t buy blindly but do take a risk every once in a while if your sells are going well.


  • Know what ships where. I consistently have sold jean short-alls to Australia last fall. Maybe it was their summer time, I’m not sure. But always putting the international shipping helped the bids go higher and the sales go better!

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