Monday, August 15, 2011

SOLD! Nike Shox

Shoes can be a big deal on Ebay, specially kid shoes. Everyone wants name brand for their child but no one wants to pay the price. I mean, $50 for a pair of shoes your kid might wear for 2 months? Come on! Enter Ebay!
I purchased these Nike shoes at a garage sale for $2. A bit higher than I usually pay but I knew I could resell them & that they would fit my daughter.
Well, this summer just turned out too hot to wear these shoes and now they are too small. So to eBay they go!
I looked them up and realized that the Nike swish wasn’t worth as much as this part:
That, ladies and gents, is Nike Shox. Apparently very desirable after 17 watchers and 7 bids these shoes sold for $15.50. Not bad for size 7 kid shoes that I got for 2 bucks! In the last five minutes the price went up by $5. Needless to say I’m happy!

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