Thursday, May 10, 2012

Advantages to Living in the City. Free Mulch!!

This weekend  my husband is switching from his old work truck to his newer work truck, so this week I have a truck I can haul stuff in! I have been franticly trying to remember all those, “If only I had a truck,” Moments.

Unfortunately most of these moments are unplanned. But getting free mulch from our fair city’s Greenwaste dump is one of those things.

Usually, we have a truck full of the hubby’s tools so it isn’t worth unloading and then loading when I need a truck, it but not this time!

The greenwaste dump was supervised by a bunch of 60+ yr old men who drive heavy equipment and under their hard expressions I sense that they really enjoy their job!

Our pile of mulch! We could take whatever we wanted! Of course the 3 kids went with me, the workers didn’t seem to mind so it turned out great.


I was happy that the piles of mulch I wanted to get from was far away from the bulldozers and trucks unloading tree branches. One less thing to worry about when hauling kids around! I wasn’t sure if they would even let the kids out of the truck. As it was we just got in trouble for climbing up the mound!



Let me tell you. When a guy in a bulldozer tells you something, you listen to it!

So the kids settled for eating snacks while I loaded up the truck.


It went something like this:

Scoop, Scoop

“Mom! Sister needs to go Potty!”

Pause, take Sister potty behind the truck.

Scoop, Scoop

“Ouch! I got something in my eye, mommy?!”

“Then blink a bunch!”

Scoop, Scoop, Scoop

“HEY MOM! LOOK! I got the door of the truck open all by myself!”

“Good job, Son!”


“MOM! Can you come shut the door?”

“Ok but don’t climb all over daddy’s new truck and get it dirty.”

Scoop Sco…

“Mom! Can we take our shoes off and then climb on the seats?”

Scoop, Scoop, Scoop

“Mom! Sister needs to got poopy!”

Now THAT is a problem!



Somehow, I’m not sure how, but somehow the kids and I got the truck loaded in about 40ish minutes. I stopped loading when I started thinking about how hard it might be to get this out of the camper shell. Usually they just load you with the bulldozer but with the shell on I had to hand shovel it. 

Part 1 of Mission Mulch accomplished!!!

If anyone wants some HUGE logs this is the place to get them!



Here is my City “Wheelbarrow” It worked great!



And these are my helpers!


And great helpers they are!



Here is the flowerbed!


Then it was time to do the garden!  I’ve been using grass clippings as mulch but this will last much longer!







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