Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jar openers- who’d-a-thought!


I’ve heard that getting high is a huge thrill the first time and the following times are never as good. But people keep going back for more trying to reach that first high feeling. And no, I’m not trying to say “somebody” and mean myself…I know what you were thinking!

The neighborhood garage sale about a mile from our neighborhood is just like that. The first year I went to it was when my amazing in-laws were visiting and the kids woke up so early I decided to try to keep the house as quiet as possible and let everyone sleep. So I hoped in the car with them and headed toward any nearby garage sales I could find.

Lucky me. There was a neighborhood garage sale!

Outdoor Sling Stacking Kid's Chair - Green

I found this kid chair for $3 right off and snagged it!

I liked it so much I later got 2 adult chairs that were the same kind. It is a $15 chair at Target.

The same time I got 2 pairs of kid Crocs for $1 each that came with those buttons that insert in the croc holes. Those shoes made it through 2 of my kids before I lost one of each.

It is a sad story.

I also got a $10 100% wood bunk bed for  the kids at this sale. Amazing.

I was almost done when I rolled past a lady who was selling pots and pans. She sold me a whole set of stainless pots, lids and all for $7.

Yes. $7 for the set! She was upgrading to Rachael Ray pans.

Fine by me! “Yes ma’am! I wasn’t looking to buy pans but I will take your $148.49 like new pans off you hands and teach myself how to cook on stainless steel right away!”

My mom-in-law heard she had another set and we raced back to get her a set of red pans (She loves red) for $10ish. Lets make the whole family happy!

Well the last few years since then I’ve been able to catch the sale by random chance. I don’t drive by that neighborhood but have checked Craigslist at just the right weekends. This year I thought I had missed it but they moved it back a month and I was able to catch it last weekend.

Once again, shooting for that high…and missing. But it wasn’t all loss. I found this Professional Jar opener and actually walked away from the $4 price tag then looked it up on my phone! Wowsers! People pay that much for those things?

I could tell by the price tag they had no idea how much it was worth. So I talked her down to $3 (you know…what if it doesn’t sell?) and tucked the enormous jar opener under my arm and headed out.image

It sold. Well it is selling. I have several watchers and one bid $45 with $10 shipping. It is about $10 less then the going price for these but I’d be happy as pie if it sold for $55. And that’s still about 1/2 price for the buyer. Did I mention it’s never been out of the box?

Boy howdy!

I also snagged this to possibly resell:

It was a kid’s 1st garage sell.

He was about five and wasn’t going to budge from the $2 tag he’d put on this.

It was starting to rain and my hubby and kids had made a run home and so I was on foot. Not interested in hauling this around in the rain

…well, for $1 I was but not for $2.

His mom talked him down and that little mister made his first sale!

The thing retails for $99 on amazon but doesn’t really resale unless you have a lot of cartridges. Glad I stuck with the $1 price! My kids will get that much out of it.

I also got this for $1:


We are working with my 4 year old on saying, “Yes ma’am” instead of “But mom,” or “Well….”

This ended up being his prize for going a whole day with out using “well” or “but”. Today was the day! And awesomely enough, though it didn’t have a car that sold with it, one of my son’s little friends had given him the very car that went with this. It was buried in the sandbox but after a bid of digging and dusting this racetrack is now the largest source of entertainment in our house!

Amazing how the boys seem to have all the cool toys right?

Oh, and it sells on Amazon new for $99. Sweet!

All in all I spent about $20 and I’ve already got a bid for $55. I’d say that’s a happy garage sale day, right there!

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  1. Great thing that they also sell the jar opener. For sure it will be easily sold since households usually use that. I want to have that too.