Monday, May 14, 2012

Round up! May


This was a very cool skirt that I bought for 99 cents because it had a fancy tag. Yep. That is the only reason.  Well, and because Free People just SOUNDS like a brand people would want.


It had a lot of interest at it’s original price of $21 but I had to knock it down to $13 before it sold. I had an offer of $10 and I’m glad I held out. $3 isn’t much but it is at least enough to cover shipping. After eBay fees and all I made $7.02 on this skirt.


For the most part I do free shipping. But every once-in-a-while I try adding shipping and knocking the price down. People love the orange “Free shipping” but in the same way they love saying, “I got these for $6.99. It is a win-win!


I mad $7.09 on those Old Navy slacks. I like to make about $10 per item. I think my advrage right now is $7.27 but I’m also cleaning out my drawers so I’m not sweating it too much.

This blazer I got for 99 cents because it was so eye catching. I didn’t even put the brand in the title because it wasn’t a very well known brand: Rafaella Petites.

It was on ebay for sometime before it got a bid and I made $5.81. Not the best but better than being in my closet. And I’m sure she will love it seeing as it is such a cute thing!


Wranglers-Spanglers. I am trying my hand at name brand jeans. Mostly Wranglers and Levi. The first week they sold REALLY well and I bought some more and they stopped. I feel like its like gambling. I got hooked and now I’m loosing!

However these jeans were a great deal for whoever bought them!


And I made $5.57 off them. No biggie but money in the bank none-the-less!

I was excited to see this TAILS brand tennis outfit for sale for only 99 cents for the set! It wasn’t til I got home that I realized the size difference in the skirt and the top.


Thankfully, one can sell pretty much anything in any size on ebay! I made $9.17 on this outfit.

Nice slacks are always in style!


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