Friday, November 17, 2017

Book Review: Deadly Proof

My first read of Rachel Dylan. It is quite the entertaining book. Fast paced, sometimes you can get lost in the conversing. She doesn't waste time on overly describing details and I like that.
With a modest love story that doesn't become too much, you can tell this author submersed herself in the world of law to write this creative tale of a lawyer who fights for what is right even when her own life is at stake and she realizes those she thought were friends are actually against her.
This book is easy to pick up and not want to put down. It's a refreshing read for someone who needs something deeper than just an everyday, run of the mill book. Anyone with legal knowledge would be impressed at the depth of this book and anyone curious about legal info would learn from this book. It really takes you into the cutthroat world and I could totally see a movie made out of this. Curious about book 2!!!
This book was provided for my review.

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