Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible

I actually asked my 10-year-old to review this book! His insight was better than a mom's perspective!
He was impressed that the book had a story he didn't know. (Jeremiah being thrown into a well for years) and he spent about 15 minutes just reading the stories. He said he liked it and would recommend it.
The pictures are not the blingy, or distracting. All the characters have their eyes closed like those on the front. There is about a paragraph on each page and occasionally the characters have speech bubbles in addition to the text.
Everything is simply put. And I like that it is a Bible not just for kids but for beginners...of any age. It gives a good foundation and understanding of the stories of the Bible. It doesn't quote the Word but summarizes it. It does include texts on some pages that show where the story is found in the Bible.
This book would be great for using it in Sunday school to having it on your coffee table to reading it with your kids. Very versatile. My one thought is it doesn't catch a child's eye. If there is a book about dinosaurs next to it they will probably be drawn it that. But the foundation truths in this book are sound.
This book was given to me for my review.

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