Thursday, August 25, 2016

"What does God Really Promise?" book review!

 Another book review!
This is a different book than the kind I usually pick up.
Written by Carolyn Lassen and Illustrated by Amylee Weeks it is a book that answers 101 Questions about God's promises, the church and the future.
Each answer is shown on a single page with a Bible verse to back it up.

 A very sturdy book, the color will grab your attention.
It is broken up into various chapters, or title pages.
 I admire the attempt to answer 101 questions about three very...questiony topics!
They author did well at answering hard and easy questions with one page answers. From why churches accept contributions to if there are different levels of punishment in hell. Seriously, this book goes for broke on answering the questions.
The main thing I thought about with this book was I'm not sure where to put it. It is kind of one of those, read a page every day book, but it asks such a variety of questions I wouldn't just want it on my night stand. Maybe it would be good for a church lounge room or a waiting room etc.
It is very pretty but I'm not sure I would give it to someone because the answers are so basic the deep questions, obviously, need more than a page. Maybe it would be a good book for someone not used to our culture or the church culture, a bit of an eye opener.
So there it is. It is a book full of information, I'm just not sure for whom. If you grow up around christians than these are answers you are familiar with, but it is never a bad idea to refresh your memory!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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