Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gratitude: a prayer and Praise Coloring Journal book review

Not only I by all my girls were thrilled when this book came in the mail!
I've now not only spent some down time coloring but also some quality time with my girls! 
There are places to write and add thoughts, I'll probably do that as I go along. Right now we are just having fun coloring and spending time together!

Despite the hard cover this book lays remarkably flat!

 It actually seems to be a soft cover with a hard cover glued on to the top and bottom but not the sides!

 It makes it lay very flat and works wonderfully for moving your hand all across both pages without hinderences! I know it is a little thing but that is important for me! Maybe because I'm not a die hard coloring fan...well, or I wasn't!

Some pages are just to be colored and some have places to write on. There is a little bit of coloring done on a few of the pages if you want help choicing colors! Others are just black and white.
This book seems perfect for the journaling type interested in trying coloring or the coloring type who's interested in journaling!
The book is ready for whatever mood you are in, no pressure to do it page by page! My 12 year old loves it and wants one of her own, the verses, prayers and titles are smattered through the book just perfectly!  It's a gem of a book to own! Or to gift!

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And for the technical part: This book was provided for me to review by Tyndale Blog network & Tyndale House Publishers. Thanks guys! 

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