Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Review: Choose & Choose again by J. Kevin Butcher

Book Review: 
Choose & Choose Again 
 J. Kevin Butcher
Some books are outstanding reads because they blow your mind. Others are fabulous because they write about something the reader agrees with, this book doesn't fall in any of those categories. It stands alone with the numerous stories that hit close to everyone's hearts. Love poured out on person after person. The Jesus this man shows to people he has no ability to relate to and the result! It is easy to write in a book that 8 years after spontaneously kissing a harden criminal in a prison visiting room, that man prayed the sinner's prayer, but much harder to walk along side that man for those 8 years.
Chapter after chapter Butcher takes you on a journey. Not his journey as much as Christ Journey through him. People screaming at him in the middle of his sermons. Members of the congregation stepping in and sharing their hurt in a way that starts the healing process. Love, coming from numerous people, helping pull the lost from the very clutches of the devil.
It is an amazing book.

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