Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Onions for Ears!

My oldest started complaining of pain in his ear today. He is 5 and to-date none of my kids have ever had ear infections or ear aches. But today changed things. He has been fighting a cold and a fever (thank you crazy Oklahoma weather that is 95 degrees one day and 31 degrees and snowing the next).
I have lots of friends who's kids have common ear infections and so I has sent out an email linked to a helpful hint about onion juice relieving ear pain. So I pulled up that email and put it to use!
I put my son down to rest and stuck a 1/2 onion in the oven for 15 minutes at 450. I probably didn't need it in there that long. Just enough to make it soft.

I then took the very soft onion and squeezed/squished it through a strainer until some of the (very thick) juice ran into a bowl.

It didn't make much but all I needed was a few drops.

I didn't have a dropper so I used a syringe and filled it up with a little bit of the juice.

Like I said, it wasn't much.

I then put my son on a pillow so his ear was flat and put a few drops into his ear. He said it instantly felt better.

I had also read that you could put an onion on the ear and let the juices run down, so I did that too. I don't think it did anything but since it was still warm I thought maybe a warm onion compress might help.

I left him that way for about 10 minutes and went back in to massage his ear making sure some of the drops got a little deeper. He still claims there is no pain.

Yay for onions!

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