Saturday, May 4, 2013

City Wide Garage Sale! Boohhyaa!!


I have no idea when my town wide garage sale is. But I do know when the little town near us has their garage sale. This town has the best school district so it attracts the higher dollar paying parents and land owners who collect things and don’t know the value of them afterwards and sell them once a year for super cheap!

Ok, so that is my take on it.

This morning it was 45 degrees. Cold, windy, and rainy. Perfect for getting good deals!

Check out this flannel board I got for $1. I know. Flannel board. Cheesy. But I think my kids will think it is cool and I’ve already got a family who wants it when I’m done with it. Whoot!

photo 1

It came in this sweet case!
photo 4

And has lots of options for having fun!

photo 2photo 3

At our family’s first garage sale stop we got two sleeping bags for $2 each. They are kid size and perfect for my two oldest!

photo 1

A big need was shirts for my 5 year old. He now has a great selection of short sleeve shirts! I got all these and a sweater for myself for $5

photo 5

Meanwhile my bargain hunting husband found a good ol’ “remember that!” game for 50 cents.

photo 3

We need to find the marble for the above game. Maybe eBay? Hubby wants to check at hardware store and that might be cheaper!

Got a $1 shirt for me and a 50 cent linen dress for my girl. Needs some TLC in the wrinkle department. I know.

photo 2photo 4.

More clothes for me, I know this is boring…

photo 1

This is a little more exciting! These jeans are worth about $30-50 each and I got them for $1 each.

photo 3

At the end of this month I am in a wedding I got my dress for free & my shoes for free, but now it came time to outfit my daughter!

$6 later I got a $40 dress and shoes!

photo 4

I got a steal on these paints! Talked her down for $5 to $2.

photo 2

This pop up bucket was priced at $2. I’ve never seen such a sturdy bucket! But I offered her $.50 and she took it without hesitation. Yay!

photo 3

photo 4

My favorite buy is this! A faux leather bag from West Nine for $9. My own bag just busted a strap so “Yay” for this replacement!

photo 5

Also the tin is from Silver Dollar City, where we go, and from the tags this is the 3rd time it has been sold. I got it for $.50. The last person got it for $2.59 and I think it originally was sold for about $12 with soap in it! Might make a great way to gift some homemade soap!

I also got this awesome Moby Wrap for $5.


Just look at the sale price on this! Between $40-125! I think mine is the $43 one. Score!

I really wanted to try one of these for our next kid.



Oh! And my money maker! (I hope!)

Sorry about the poor picture but this is a $3 find!


It is a rocker child’s chair! I’m so excited to see if I can get $40-50 out of this.

After my little girl is done with it, of course!

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