Monday, December 3, 2012

Ugly Christmas sweaters!

Somehow I ran across a blog that told how this eBayer sold ugly Christmas sweaters and made $300 from $30.


Now, I don’t usually jump aboard a boat unless I can test it but I did start picking up Christmas sweaters for 45 cents and 99 cents.


When Thanksgiving drew to a close I figured it was time to see if this was for real!

Most of the sweaters, actually vest, were XL or 2XL. I thought that might hurt my chances but most of mine were bought by men and so the larger sized helped!!


Any and all seem to sell! Except a Christmas actual sweater I have for sale. No bites yet.


So far I’ve sold 7 and collected $148.44!

The real numbers aren’t so fun. I’ve made about $70 after fees and shipping. But that pays for more than our Christmas tree and I’m not even done yet!!!! Whoopie!

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