Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thrifting for the family


“You find such GREAT deals!”

I hear this a lot. Do you? When pointing out my $6 kid rug ($30 at Target), or $5 Roman curtains (who knows how much at wherever!)…and I have to agree. But it is work. To find the deals you have to look. Over and over and over. Luckly I have eBay to sustain me between good deal for myself!

Today’s find was this:


For $3.99 I got a microwavable $35.95 Pop corn popper. Which apparently is super healthy and organic and small enough to fit over my fridge!

And I love the way it looks! Beats the one my folks had while I was growing up:

Vintage WEAREVER Electric POPCORN PUMPER Hot Air Corn Popper Coffee Roaster Model 73000.

Oddly enough I had just decided that popcorn would be a great snack for the kids. I wanted to have a snack bin for all those “I’m hungry” times. We don’t do store bought snacks in our family and this will be a way to ‘splurge’. So on the way home I stopped by the grocery and purchased a pound of popcorn for $1.47.


And the popper worked perfectly!!! This is 1/3 cup of popcorn!


When I finished bagging the popcorn I stuck all the kernels on the bottom back in the microwave.


Waste not, want not!


So I now have a nice snack stash for my 3 youngins’!


Oh, and I popped the corn plain for now, but it does come with a lid for melting butter in it.


I’m just not sure how the metal will do in the microwave…still doing research on why they made this with a metal lid, now they use all silicone lids.


So that is my thrifty find for the family! How did you do?

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  1. Sweet. We have a popcorn popper (the air pop kind that you plug in). I LOVE it. Can't stand microwave bagged popcorn.