Monday, October 15, 2012

Chicco…yea baby!


Our first stroller was a hand-me-down from a family with 2 kids. We loved it, it was a stroller, car seat travel set and was perfect for us.

However when we were pregnant with #3 I decided it was time to upgrade to something a little less…used. Check out that Craigslist adventure here.

Basically I paid $100, for a cute Chicco travel set. I love the thing and will use it on any future children or relatives of small stature!

Recently I was popping over at some garage sales in my neighborhood and we stopped at one so a friend of mine could check out a rocking chair for her pregnant sister. There in the parking lot set this very beautiful Chicco stroller, car seat and base.


It was by far not the cleanist thing but I knew these car seats clean better than any other baby thing I know! Just toss them in the washer!


And, unlike mine, it was good up to 30 lbs, mine good til 22 pounds, which is about how much my 2 year olds weigh! (Small, healthy babies are easier to push out, just sayin’!)


And it wasn’t outdated!

So, knowing I didn’t have enough cash and that this lady obviously probably knew that this was worth over $300, I absentmindedly asked how much.


My jaw dropped.

Now usually I’m pretty cool on keeping my cool. I’ve not batted an eye when a comforter worth up to several hundred dollars was offered to me for $5, but this threw me off.

“I’LL TAKE IT!” I shouted shoving the $15 at here before hesitating and asking the obvious question, “It works right?”

I was assured it worked fine and I shoved it in my car to take home and clean up.

Then I put it on Craigslist for $180. And waited. and waited. It had such an unusual pattern I knew someone would REALLY want this. Unlike the clueless lady I bought it from!


 Did I mention I waited? I stored it in my garage and the kids played in it and got it dirty. I hesitated to clean it knowing whoever got it would probably wash it all again anyway.

I got a buyer! We met and she was so hesitant about getting this one over a pink one brand new. I told her to check out the pink one and call me back. I didn’t want her to get something she didn’t like. She didn’t call.

I had the priced at $180 but dropped it down to $155. I thought about going lower but my husband stopped me. He informed me it was worth that much (cuz I had told him that earlier) I got more email’s and text and met one more person who told me they needed it but were only 20 weeks and didn’t know where to store it…sigh, me neither folks!

Finally while I was out of town, I got an email. She couldn’t come to town but her brother could.

“Great.” I thought, “One of those.” I responded with little hope. Then when I got back in town she said he’d meet me but that she had sent a check. A CHECK? On Craigslist?! I arranged our meeting at my bank. Check cleared, brother happy. I made $140 from my patience!!! YAYA!!!

I’ve found these car seats to be a sure sale, sllllooowww as molasses but I always make a bundle.

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