Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making money highchair purchase!



Remember my highchair purchase? It was really a impulse buy, well, as impulse as you can be when buying on Craigslist!

Within 2 hours of thinking, “hmmm, I could use a highchair” I had the highchair in my car with a free stroller, and was heading home!


I cleaned up the stroller and wondered what to do with it. I thought about saving it for my brother in Guatemala's little boy but they won’t be back to visit for a year and I think they could borrow my umbrella stroller just as easy!
So I decided to sell it in my yard sale. I stuck a $20 tag on it then went down to $15 when no one really looked at it.
I ended up selling it for $12 to someone who really needed it ending my $10 highchair purchase with a $2 profit! AND someone got a great deal on a really, really nice stroller! (Not to mention I still have my highchair!)

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