Friday, February 10, 2012

Why, yes! I do accept free stuff!


I’ve gone through 3 high chairs with my 3 kids. I know,  call me crazy. But the first one was just a cheapy I got on Craigslist for about $15. I sold it after our first kid because it was starting to tear and I was worried it wouldn’t sell if the cover was all torn.


I made my $15 back and turned around and purchased one for $25. Once again off CL.


$10 more got me a LOT. Single hand sliding tray, 2 trays actually, adjustable height, rolling wheels. I mean, this was FAAAANCY!

(And MUCH easier to clean I might add!)

But when my daughter grew out of it, the thing was nothing but bulky. I didn’t want to haul it up to the attic, and I wasn’t going to leave it sitting there. So I added some spit shine and put it on Craigslist. It sold for $30 after a warfare of phone calls. Apparently the belts in Highchair’s are really important to some people and mine had them.

We figured with kid #3 we would just use this:


Oops, I mean this:

regalo hook on high chair

However, where that is great on the road and extra room at the table. It isn’t good for tiny tots like ours is still.

So off to craigslist yet again.

I’ve missed you my friend.

I wanted to spend $10 maybe $15 at the most.


A lady had her’s posted for over a month, cost: $15. I saw a terrible photo of it, talked her down to $10 and said I’d like to see it. She happened to have it stored right near a thrift store. Lucky me. While in the thrift store I saw and UGLY highchair for $4. Cheap but…well, not as “thrifty” as I’d like.

I think the difference between “thrifty” and “cheap” is Thrifty gets you what you want for less. Cheap gets you anything that’s out there and doesn’t cost much (and will probably break).

Anyway, the car seat was all wrapped in plastic from being stored but I could tell it was in decent condition. (Which turned out to be really, really good condition!) AIMG_5134nd I wasn’t about to talk her down any more when they had just dug through their whole storage unit for it! Oh, and they GAVE ME A STROLLER.


Yes, it is rather nice, though worn, Graco stroller. I cleaned it and it is in good condition. I really don’t need it but how can I pass up free?


And the highchair?

Its a hit! With lots of growing room!

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