Friday, February 11, 2011

The start of A Niche To Find by Handkerchief Gal

I had no intention of ever blogging again…well, maybe when I was old and had no kids at home and was a loss at what to do with my life. Then I could become one of the many mournful people online, hoping to find soul-mates somewhere in cyberspace.

My experience with blogging had been diverse in the last year. One blog I started was really an online recipe box. Ready at my fingertips whether I was in Texas or Michigan. It was shared with very few people and even then was not cared about too much because it was a list of my recipe do’s and would-like-to-do’s.


My next blog was on a quest to improve my photography and apply my life to the pages of the infinite society that was never ending online. Oh, and brag about the fabulous deals I got! Needless to say this ended with disgust when I went world wide…er…added myself to some search engines and as a result got spammed out of existence! One gets tired of posting of yard work and getting offers for electronics…or

But then my friend JC McCairn (Yes, my blog name is Handkerchief Gal, hers is JC McCairn, hmmm, maybe we are beginning to be internet fiascos!) mentions she wanted to start a blog and that she wanted writers for it. After finding out what she had in mind…I decided it wasn’t my style at all. But the seed was planted, only to shoot up the next day when my two darlings were asleep and I had a house to clean. Yep. Here I am. Procrastinating. The blog is disastrous already.

However, my goal for this blog is not a messy house, it is an inspiration to finish projects and share them with you, or just myself, in an effort to inspire. Though for myself more than anyone else.

So grab a glass of ice tea, or hot chocolate, depending on what climate you live in and I hope you enjoy a few good reads, and get a more than a few good laughs out of my learning. (If not you can always just click away…)

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