Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting more organized: Receipt holder

Today my goal was to tackle the laundry room. I started the tackle but in mid-dive I was interrupted by a visitor at my door. A wonderful interruption, I must say, and one that lead to many other interruptions and no clean laundry room. But as soon as my 1 and 3 year old hit the sack I’m finishing that tackle (so to speak)!

laundry room

No, that’s not my laundry room. However one that size would be amazing! I think that is bigger than my kid’s room! It is way less embarrassing showing someone else’s dirty rooms then my own!

However it is tax time at our house and that has made me very aware that I need to have a better system(ok maybe just any kind of system) for my receipts. And what better way than to make it cute?

So I took a (Free) photo envelope made of heavy duty cardstock and some paper from Michael’s I got for free too (another story) & some glue (ok, I had it on hand but I did pay for it.) and made the start of a filing system for my receipts. Here is how you do it:


First I took apart the envelope.


Then I traced the now flat envelope onto the back of my printed paper and cut it out.


Then I simply glued the envelope to the paper.


And walla! Almost done!



Here it is! A very sturdy way to file my receipts. I can make more of them and coordinate them by color. Now for a label.



I used a label I had printed out that is free on Cathe Holden’s site here and here.

Trust me. Cathe’s JustsomethingImade.com is a valuable resource and a great way to spend a day looking through all that she has done!

She also has another idea for receipt holder here.

Ok! Off to put the kids to bed and finish that tackle! Wish me luck!

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