Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting more organized, Day by Day…

I got a bit worried when I was talking to a friend who is older than me who was saying how it amazes her how she thinks that if she could just get organized enough everything would stay organized. She was disappointed to find this wasn’t the case.

I was disappointed to find that it wasn’t the case for her either. But I still hope that it will be the case for me. There HAS to be a system out there that can keep everything neat. To that end I visited the library this week.


Yes, can you tell I’ve been reading Real Simple?

Ok, so I find their pictures to be rather unrealistic but not nearly as bad as other magazines I have been reading. Besides, each of these books are worth over $20 so I was thrilled to borrow them from the library!

So here was my 1st big project:


Yes, it is very scary, I know.

And no, this is not my junk drawer! This is my kitchen bathroom drawer.

Well, after a run to the thrift store, a couple of 49cent purchases, some paper that I got out of a dumpster (yes, I do that too!) and a touch of sewing. This is what I ended up with!


Doesn’t that just make you sigh in relief!!!?? Ahh, so much better. yes, I took some things out. I threw away a few and discovered that I have multiples of others, like toothpaste! I thought we were almost out. Wrong! Try about 5 bottles that are unopened! Good grief! I can’t live like this. So that discovery lead to more organization with a touch more sewing:


This is in my over-the-john cabinet.

I’m not crazy about the unorganized stacking, more like piling, but it will work for now. I sewed the labels on so I can remove it and use the bags for something else in the future.

Her is our medicine cabinet now:


You can imagine how this looked before. NOT GOOD. Now it all fits in the tub! Yay!

Why the bright green cloth, you might ask, well, it is what I had on hand, well, that or two different colors of pink. Yea, I go with green.

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