Monday, August 5, 2013

Another Craig List sale!

Remember the bunk bed and dresser I got?

 That dresser started out wayyyyy ugly but it was free if my pregnant self in my new mini van could load it up!
It was the first time I was ever thankful for how light fake wood was!
But it cleaned up nicely!
 The bunk bed was a $20 purchase that I didn't really need but 3 going on 4 kids later and some awesome has served us well.
 But alas the time has come to depart. My husband is going to make beds that 1.2 hang from the ceiling/ 1/2 hang from the wall. I'm not totally sure what it will all look like but I know it will be AWESOME!
So it is my job to get rid of the bed and I've already replaced the dresser with one he was given on a job site (Solid wood, 5 ft tall...AMAZING! Who GIVES something like that away?)
So today I listed the bed and dresser for $240 baring a new coat of paint. I said I would skip the paint and take off $50 if they wanted. My phone lit up. Exploded. Calls, texts, emails...WHAZAM.
Blown away.
So I've taken the dresser apart, taken the mattresses off, and am waiting for my husband to get home to take the bed apart. The first call said I didn't need to repaint it but could I deliver? For $230 I think I can do that. I feel pretty confident with 3 people as back up plans if the first one falls through. I might be buying and painting bunk beds after this! I'm sure selling the mattresses and having a matching dresser has something to do with it. I did get one email just complimenting my quilts! ha!

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