Thursday, November 8, 2012

A more Random Find


I purchased this phone for about $1 at a garage sale. I’m not sure how much it really was cuz I got a bunch of stuff for $6 instead of the asking price of about $20! So I think this was around $1 or 2.


I just sold it for a total of $24.49.

Ok, so nothing huge but after looking it up and realizing it might go for as little as 99 cents I was one happy camper!!!

Just something to brag to the hubby about…. Hehehe…

Shipping was $8.39 so my total in pocket after fees was a little over $12. My kids LOVED this phone while they had it to play with. They didn’t really know what it was but they got a few weeks of a toy (that I could set on the bed stand in the evenings for a classic look for guest instead of throwing in the toy box), and then I made money off it. Have I said how much I love my life?! It is good.

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