Monday, September 12, 2011

Magnetic fishing game!

This is a fabulous game which will entertain everyone from your hubby to kids, to guest!


We all love Pintrest now don’t we! I found this amazing idea on Pintrest the other day and was blown away by where it came from!

The blog linked to Pintrest was from a blog called Frugal deco mom and is a great site. Here is her version of this great magnetic fish idea:


Doesn’t that just look like fun? Well, she didn’t come op with the idea. Oh no.

She got it from another blog FROM AN IGLOO  who’s fish looked like this:


But that isn’t where it originated from! From an Igloo got it from this blog:

Counting Coconuts who got it from a Waldorf book she found at the library and can’t remember the name of!

Counting Coconuts looked like this:


And now that mine are done, they look like this:


I know it looks like I made a TON of fish for my son, but no, they are for the guest of his birthday party in October!



When I did my fish I just free handed cut them out.


I had some left overs from a quilt i had made and they made great fish!


A surger would have made this much easier! But I found a stitch that worked!


This is what the stuffed fish looked like:


I got the washer that were .99 cents for 16.


I hand stitched the washers into their mouths. I also hand stitched the buttons I used for eyes onto them.

I stuffed them with a bear someone got us that the kids weren’t all that fond of. I was going to donate this bear but this seemed like a better use. I think I’m going to use the rest of the bear to make a muff for my daughter since it was so soft. I don’t think I will ever buy stuffing again! I’m just going to get stuffed animals with tags on it at the thrift store or garage sales and unstuff it!

That really kept the cost down on this project! All I had to pay for was the magnets and the washers.

Oh, Please not that you need flexible magnets. Otherwise you can’t drill a hole through them. The one’s at Lowes are powerful but there will be no making holes in them! We tried everything! I finally found some 1 inch ones at a craft store that were perfect for this!

The fish all have washers in their mouths and there is a magnet on the end of the fishing line. That way when you catch a fish it hangs just like a real fish!


And are lots of fun to play with!


The fishing poles turned out great!


 I used some wooden rods I found in our garage (you can get them at lowes or home depot or just use a tree branch) and some string I got at a garage sale (yarn works too or you can also find this at a hardware store)


I stained the rods and then used the string to make them look cool and provide the handles.

I had a hard time figuring out how to get the rope to stay on the pole so I finally used a needle and thread to back stitch the end of the rope. That worked after I used some modge podge and painted the rod first then wrapped the rope around it, then stitched it.


It worked well.

IMG_1975   IMG_1979 

And if your kid gets tired of fishing and can see how many fish with stick to the “hook” at one time!


We are having a little party for our son where he will be giving the guest these fish as presents. I got some baskets to go with them as ‘fishing buckets”



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  1. The fish are cure and colorful. Looks like your son is having fun.